Local Resource Organizations Assistance Activity Call for Project Proposals for Local Resource Organizations

Local Resource Organizations Assistance Activity Call for Project Proposals for Local Resource Organizations

Local Resource Organizations Assistance Activity Call for Project Proposals for Local Resource Organizations

The Network for Building Peace (NBP)  invites civil society organizations from territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina, specifically from the territory of Bosnian – Podrinje Canton (BPK), Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK), Sarajevo Canton (KS), Posavina Canton (PK), Central Bosnia Canton (SBK), Una-Sana Canton (USK) and Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDK), as well as from territory of Republika Srpska (RS) and Brcko District BiH (BD BiH), to submit their project ideas for general welfare, which will enable resolving key challenges in local community and make positive changes within society. Project support aims to strengthen social cohesion by networking and empowering connections among citizens and encouraging them to self-organize, participate, and be included in resolving specific issues within their local communities. It also aims to support local resource organizations and local initiatives.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) aims to promote local communities, build capacities that enable sustainable growth, increase citizen engagement, and encourage the mobilization of local resources in BiH through the Local Works Project[1].

Goal of the call for project proposals

Financial support is provided with the intention of empowering local organizations and local initiatives which are bringing citizens closer together and motivating them to self-organize, participate and be inclusive in addressing issues and challenges facing their local community.

Within the LRO/A, USAID Local Works aims to:

  • Strengthen informal and formal civil society groups to develop into local resource organizations within their communities by identifying and empowering local actors to address specific needs and issues by using their own resources;
  • Increase civic participation of local population in community development of all cities and municipalities on territory of: Bosnian – Podrinje Canton (BPK), Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK), Sarajevo Canton (KS), Posavina Canton (PK), Central Bosnia Canton (SBK), Una-Sana Canton (USK) and Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDK), as well as from territory of Republika Srpska (RS) and Brcko District BiH (BD BiH).
  • Improve living standards of the local population by providing support and concrete assistance to local actors (administrative local communities–MZ and NGOs) by engaging citizens, and other relevant interested parties (municipal administrations, business, diaspora, etc), or by using local funding resources.

Who can apply?

The call for proposals is open, on equal grounds, for all registered civil society organizations (CSOs), like associations, foundations–registered in accordance with BiH law. Applicants must have experience in project implementation and work in territory of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, precisely: territory of BPK, HNK, KS, PK, SBK, USK and ZDK, as well as from territory of RS and BD BiH.

If a signed and scanned statement of eligibility is not submitted with the project proposal, potential applicants will not be eligible to participate in the call or receive awards.

According to BiH legislation on associations and foundations, the following are ineligible to apply: public institutions, authority institutions, religious groups, political parties, as well as international NGOs without registered offices in BiH.

What is an LRO?

Local resource organizations are organizations working on community problem resolution, in cooperation with citizens, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, and the private sector. LROs already have established material and human resources adequate for mobilizing resources in local communities to increase understanding and cooperation among local actors for creating and implementing successful initiatives to improve the quality of life. LROs:

  • have trust and credibility from the people within their own community,
  • have continuity and constituency,
  • have already demonstrated capacity to act as a connector in the local community and help people to solve their problems,
  • have the desire and demonstrate their commitment to sustain their own organization,
  • apply democratic and inclusive methods in decision making processes,
  • are ready to learn and invest their resources in philanthropy activities, and
  • act as a role model for other local organizations in terms of transparency and good code of conduct.

Project grant amounts

Within the LRO A activity, the NBP will allocate $950,000 for two types of awards: grants for local community development and grants for organizational capacity building.

Grants for local community development will finance:

  • Innovative initiatives that address the needs of the local community and encompass a variety of spheres of life directly improving living conditions in BPK, HNK, KS, PK, SBK, USK and ZDK, RS and BD BiH;
  • Projects promoting civic activism, volunteerism, and inter-sectoral cooperation;
  • Projects intended to answer a particular demand or address a specific problem in the community;
  • Projects demonstrating open collaboration and community support among local community partners (local authorities, businesses, associations, individuals, public institutions etc). A letter of cooperation confirmation from the city, municipality, or other relevant actors that is submitted along with additional documents will be valued as an asset;
  • Projects that provide clear insights into the challenge or problem the applicant(s) plans to address;
  • Proposals including the primary objective that will be met and the project implementation strategy;
  • Projects for rehabilitation, refurbishment, or healthcare only considered in limited circumstances. Grants may not fund construction.
  • Implementation period is maximum of 18 months;
  • Project implementation must start by June 1st 2023.

The LRO which receives the grant from the NBP keeps 30% of the grant for its administrative costs and that maximum of 70% of the total value of the grant is provided for regranting. Regarding the total values of the grant amounts, $930,000.00 will be given to ten LROs in BiH for the first type of the grant (regranting) and the rest of the budget for grants ($20,000) will be given to LROs for the second type of the grants (institutional grants).  For the allocation of these funds, applicants can apply with only one project proposal.

Priority shall be given to projects harmonized with priority need documents in local communities in BPK, HNK, KS, PK, SBK, USK, ZDK, RS and BD BiH, that creates/empower inter-sectoral partnerships, priorities harmonized with the UN Sustainable Development Goals[2] and results and conclusions of the Research on socio-economic developmental needs of local communities in BiH.

Condition for regranting by LROs to other NGOs, informal groups and businesses

In order to distribute funds to other NGOs, informal groups and businesses, the final beneficiaries are required to ensure the active participation of other local actors in the project's implementation in such a way that they, along with other local partners, provide and fundraise at least 33% of the grant amount-exclusively in money from local authorities, local businesses, private donations, the diaspora, etc.

The suggested budget will be used to propose the precise amount of each grant while taking cost-efficiency, efficiency, and effectiveness into account. A budget increase or decrease can be recommended by the grant awarding commission.

Grants for institutional development and LRO sustainability

  • are designed to increase organizational capacities and maintain institutional development and sustainability (focusing on developing organizational skills that will increase productivity and transparency, positioning the organization strategically, building advocating skills, etc.). Within this grant, applicants can apply for purchase of software, small equipment, or development of organization’s website.

The total amount of institutional grants available under this activity is $20.000,00, with a $2.000,00 maximum grant per organization.

Organizations can submit one project proposal for this grant.

Organizations can submit project proposals for both types of grants at once.

Selected LROs, regardless of grant type, must participate in Institute for Youth Development KULT organizational capacity building program.

General information on project proposal submission process

You can apply only through the online platform, which is available at the following link.

After the online application is successfully submitted through the online platform, the applicant will receive a confirmation of receipt by email (PDF document of the completed application).

Please contact the NBP by email at info.lro@snagalokalnog.ba with the subject “Public call for funding of the implementation of projects/initiatives of local resource organizations in BiH” if you require assistance with the drafting of a project proposal or with completing an online application. The contact person is Dajana Čelebić.

For the project proposal to be reviewed, additional documentation is a crucial component of the application. The following additional documentation should be provided:

  • Declaration of eligibility – filled out, signed, and stamped by the lead applicant and co-applicant;
  • Statute of organization (applicant and partner, copy);
  • ID number of organization (applicant and partner, copy);
  • Statement on partnership, if there is a partnership (original);
  • Decision on registration (applicant and partner, copy),
  • Narrative annual report for 2021;
  • Financial report for previous year (balance sheet and income statement – copy)
  • Proof of submitted annual financial report to competent authorities – according to the laws in BiH (copy)[3]
  • Additional documents and authorizations from local authorities or other state authorities – if project implementation requires formal cooperation with those bodies.

After the online application is submitted through the online platform, the applicant will receive a confirmation of receipt by email (PDF document of the completed application).

The printed version of the PDF document of the project proposal and the required documentation are submitted in one sealed envelope by registered mail to the following address:

Association Network for Building Peace

Marka Marulića no. 2

71 000 Sarajevo

The project title, applicant's name and address, the title of the call for project proposals, and the phrase “DO NOT OPEN” must all be on the front of the envelope.

Deadline for submission

Applications must be submitted by April 24 (Monday), 2023, until 23:59h. Applications received after the deadline will only be taken into consideration if the postmark shows the date and time of mailing within the previously stated deadline.

Applications sent in any other way (e.g. by email) will not be considered.

Download documents

[1] Partner organizations in this Project are: Center for Civic Cooperation Livno (CGS Livno), Network for Building Peace, Institute for Youth Development KULT, Tuzla Community Foundation and Mozaik Foundation. More information on this Project is available at: www.snagalokalnog.ba

[2] Sustainable Development Goals – SDG, also known as Global Goals, were adopted by the UN in 2015, as a universal call for action in decreasing poverty, planet protection and ensuring that everyone enjoys peace and prosperity – until 2030. Council of Ministers of B&H adopted “Framework for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals” at its 32nd Session held on April 8th 2021.

[3] Organizations registered in FBiH – proof of annual financial report submitted to Financial–intelligence Agency (FIA), organizations registered in RS – proof of annual financial report submitted to Intermediary Agency for IT and financial services (APIF) and organizations registered in Brcko District BiH – proof of annual financial report submitted to Sector for financial reporting and licensing.

Izvor: https://www.mreza-mira.net/